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LGSCH LightningGuard 230V 5A Schuko Adap

LGSCH LightningGuard 230V 5A Schuko Adap

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The LightningGuard protects your telecom and data equipment by disconnecting the power if the mains goes above a pre-set limit. It will re-connect automatically only after the supply has returned to acceptable limits after the 30 seconds wait time. Additionally, the LightningGuard  adds data line protection that clamps surges/spikes transmitted through telephone lines.

Upto 6 Amps.

Protects against:

-High voltage


-Powerback surges

-Data line spike surges/lightning (i.e. for telephone, modem/fax lines)

Ideal for:





-Max current: 6 amps

-Mains surge / spike protection: 160 Joules

-Mains surge / spike discharge: 6.5kA (8/20µs)

-Data surge / spike discharge: >5kA


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