SVS75-22 75A 18kVA 230V 50/60Hz

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Title: SVS75-22 75A 18kVA 230V 50/60Hz
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The Sollatek Voltage Stabiliser (Sollatek SVS) has been designed to provide a clean, regulated AC power supply to all equipment in environments with unreliable, fluctuating mains supply. The SVS75 is a heavy duty wall mountable stabiliser with terminal input/output, for direct wiring and secure connectivity.

Upto 75 Amps.

Protects against:

-High voltage

-Low voltage


-Power-back surges

Ideal for:

-All electrical and electronic equipment


SVS75-22 75A 18kVA 230V 50/60Hz PLEASE NOTE : VAT NOT Included in the price. For export sales, please contact Sollatek Sales. For More details, please click on

Price inclusive of VAT is Å“1055.172

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