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AVR10-22 2.5kVA 10A 230V 50Hz UK Sket

AVR10-22 2.5kVA 10A 230V 50Hz UK Sket

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The Sollatek AVR is a state of the art solid state stabiliser. Using microprocessor technology, the AVR will rapidly detect voltage variations and correct the output to ensure 230V (+/-4%) supply. The Sollatek AVR has a very wide input range (-30% to +22%) and a voltage correction speed of 1250Volts per second. No mechanical parts means that the AVR doesn’t require maintenance and will not be affected by dusty environments as other mechanical stabilisers.

Upto 10 Amps.

Protects against:

-High voltage

-Low voltage


-Power-back surges

-Basic lightning

Ideal for:

-All applications for domestic and office use

-Sensitive electronic equipment


AVR10-22 2.5kVA 10A 230V 50Hz UK Sket PLEASE NOTE : VAT NOT Included in the price. For export sales, please contact Sollatek Sales. For More details, please click on


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