SMC1-HV-20A High Volt 60-300V

SollatekSKU: 95P1HV00-20

Title: SMC1-HV-20A High Volt 60-300V
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Sollatek’s Multifunction Controller (SMC) is a Din rail version of the Sollatek AVS. It monitors single phase AC voltage and will disconnect the power when voltage is outside acceptable limits. It will reconnect automatically when the voltage returns to normal. There is a user settable delay before restarting. The SMC off ers extensive programmable features and variety of options. Some of the main features include frequency error protection, burn-out and over-voltage protection, and intelligent time delay startup (depending on model).

Upto 20 Amps.

Protects against:

-High voltage

-Low voltage


Ideal for:

-All electrical and electronic equipment


SMC1-HV-20A High Volt 60-300V PLEASE NOTE : VAT NOT Included in the price. For export sales, please contact Sollatek Sales. For More details, please click on

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