AVS3P-0 230/400V 50Hz, micro, 5 LED

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Title: AVS3P-0 230/400V 50Hz, micro, 5 LED
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The AVS3P-0 protects from over and under voltage on any one of the three phases as well as loss of one or more phases. Indication and/or disconnection as a result of mains frequency error or phase sequence error is available as an option.

Controls an external 3 phase controller or contactor of any size

Protects against:

-High voltage

-Low voltage


-Powerback surges

-Loss or duplication of any phase

-Phase rotation, phase imbalance and frequency may be activated. (Optional)

Ideal for:

-3 phase air conditioning

-Industrial refrigeration

-Industrial plants and machinery

-3 phase pumps



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