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LGUK LightningGuard 230V 5A UK Adaptor

LGUK LightningGuard 230V 5A UK Adaptor

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The LightningGuard is a plug-in adaptor that protects telecom equipment from high voltage problems as well as down the telecom/data line. It protects by disconnecting the power when it is bad, safeguarding against short term and long term damage to ensure higher efficiency from your appliances. A30 second start up delay is built in to ensure stability of the power supply. Surges and spikes are clamped down to a safe level without switching the appliance off. 

Protects Against: High voltage, spikes surges, powerback surges, data line spike surges/lightning (i.e. for telephone, modem/fax line)

Ideal For: Modem, fax, telephones, routers

Max Current: 6A

Mains surge/ spike protection: 160 Joules 

Mains surge/ spike discharge: 6.5kA (8/20µs)

Data surge/spike discharge: >5kA

Wait Time: 30 seconds

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